Havana in Squares (2016) 

In 2014, the havana in squares project, or #havanamotion and #havanatextures began as an effort to push the limits of 4X4 smartphone photography in a region of the world that remained still largely undiscovered by a foreign photographer's eye. over the course of three years, I have shot hundreds of square images in havana, cuba. as a photographer and documentary filmmaker working in cuba, I wanted to use motion and texture as a way to tell stories about a place that i found to be extremely captivating. while living in havana, I began a photography project to explore the neighborhoods of havana using only an iphone camera, as a way to connect the online community of photographers with my perspective of a havana in a time when the internet had arrived as a new possibility for communication in cuba. i use the hashtag #havanamotion on instagram to share images that capture people moving through the city, in the middle of completing day to day tasks. #havanatextures focuses on the many combination of colors, textures and layers of the city, and how each layer tells a story of daily life. 

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